А specially developed nutraceutical compound consisting of antioxidants, vitamins, micronutrients and a component extracted from licorice root, and glycyrrhizinic acid, which has antiviral properties. It is a perfect supplement for anyone who needs nutritional support for his immune system. A biologically active compound that has immunomodulatory, antiviral and tonic effects.


Allergen extracts for the treatment of allergy that is for allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT). The peculiarity of these extracts is their glutaraldehyde-modification into allergoids.
Such allergoids have a high safety profile and high efficiency. The initial phase of treatment takes a few weeks. Thе therapeutic regimen is very convenient, and allows you to start treatment just before flowering, for example, the appearance of spring trees pollen.


Allergen extracts for sublingual allergen-specific immunotherapy from Inmunotek ORALTEK have shown their high efficacy and safety in the treatment of allergic diseases in children and adults. The main difference of the ORALTEK Inmunotek sublingual vaccine from other vaccines is the absence of phenol as a preservative. The allergens have a pineapple taste, which makes it easy to use in children.


The world’s only allergoid in the form of sublingual tablets, for the treatment of allergy, which has demonstrated its high efficiency and excellent safety profile.


A set of allergens for skin tests, which are used in the diagnosis of allergic diseases. Testing is performed with various allergen solutions: pollen (trees, cereals, weeds, etc.), epidermal (cats, dogs), household (house dust mites (D. pteronyssinus, D. farinae), mold (Cladosporium, Alternaria and others), food (eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, etc.).


Sprays and gels used for prevention and treatment of viral infections such as papillomavirus and herpes, in comprehensive treatment of thrush and inflammation of the female genital organs. Improves the barrier properties of mucosa, moisturizes and eliminates vaginal dryness.

Blue Cap

Foam for daily application to skin prone to atopic dermatitis, various types of psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema in children and adults. Effectively and carefully eliminates skin dryness and its manifestation: peeling, microcracks, itching.


The ALLERGIKA® program is specially designed for allergy patients. Cosmetics for everyday skin care day and night, protective clothing, bedding and products for living space hygiene.


Isotonic solution in a convenient flexible bottle for nasal rinsing in a natural and convenient way. Contains several kinds of salts and xylitol – sugar alcohol, which is known for its antimicrobial properties: it inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents germs (bacteria and viruses) from lingering on the nasal mucosa. In combination with Ringer-Locke solution, xylitol makes nasal rinsing pleasant and prevents dryness.